Since the beginning of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, over 2 million American service personnel have been deployed, many for multiple tours of duty. An estimated 350,000-400,000 will return with a traumatic brain injury and over 100,000 will be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).  Many will have a combination of both conditions, Post Deployment Syndrome, (PDS), which may leave family members confused and fearful and health care providers puzzled.  Tertiary medical centers, rehabilitation centers, and some Veterans Administration hospitals are best suited for the task of Brain Injury Rehabilitation which requires a team approach combining multiple therapies (Physical, Occupational, and Speech) with cognitive retraining and behavior modification.  The TBI rehab process is specialized and expensive, but a comprehensive program is necessary to accomplish reintegration into the community.  The costs of untreated TBI result in far more costly care such as drug and alcohol treatment, incarceration, total disability, and a lifetime of medical assistance.

Our goal is to educate and connect the warrior with the TBI rehab sources in the community;  and reconnect the warrior to his/her family and community. Operation Resurrection is not just a movie, it's a MOVEMENT!  

-Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Board Certified by the Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
President, Resurrecting Lives Foundation